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TXT Ghana came through for my business when I needed a simple USSD to be fashioned to give some free airtime to my clients in order to increase patronage. TXT Ghana exhibited the highest level of professionalism in the discharge of their duties and I recommend every company, either small, growing or huge multi national corporates to engage TXT Ghana for their digital campaigns for a timeous response. --Kingsley
Customer service over the period of engagement was great. Service provided was as expected --NESTLE GH

How many characters can I include in a One Page text message?

"One page of SMS is equal to 160 characters of normal text. If your SMS goes beyond 160 characters, it becomes 2 pages. And subsequently 3 pages for more than 320 characters, and so on."

Do you deliver two or more paged SMS together as a single long message?

"Yes, if your message is more than 160 characters it will be concatenated as a long SMS. Note that this feature to some degree depends on how the receiving phone responds to concatenated SMS."

Can I send SMS in other languages other than English?

"Yes all the languages are supported. However for those special languages, you will need to specify that the message encoding is unicode when sending the message (please note that unicode messages reduces the character limits to 72 characters per page)"

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