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txtconnect Bulk Messaging Platform v3.0

Developer Documentation  (API Doc) v1.0

1.0 Introduction

The platform enables single or multiple client(s) to send SMS campaign(s). Other functionality includes:

  • Creation of phone book
  • Contacts upload by .csv
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Send SMS using API
  • Check available balance using API


2.0 Application URL and Getting Started

The application can be accessed on (https://txtconnect.net)

Signup by providing relevant details as would be required on the signup page (https://txtconnect.net/signup)

The landing page (https://txtconnect.net) is currently used to login to your account dashboard using  a valid (Contact your Account Manager for login details):

 Username  Password

3.0 API Access and Usage

The platform at the moment provides you with two (2) primary API End-points, namely:

  • SMS Sending API
  • Check Remaining Balance API

API url https://txtconnect.net/customers/campaigns-api/sms/user-sms-api-info

3.1 Check Remaining SMS Campaign Balance


To check your balance  make a GET Api call to

https://txtconnect.net/sms/api?action=check-balance&api_key=SMS API KEY &response=json

TXTGhana Limited - copyright@2020 All rights reserved

TXTGhana Campaign Manager Platform  (API Doc) v1.0


Sample API check balance response 

(Note that you have to check the total balance against the campaign blast count)


You can generate new <SMS API KEY> as many times as you want. For security reasons, please generate a new <SMS API KEY>  if you believe it has been compromised.


3.2 Sending Campaign SMS 

Note: Request the SENDER ID from the dashboard before use if not the api call will result in an error.

To send SMS campaign, make a GET Api call to   https://txtconnect.net/sms/api?action=send-sms&api_key=SMS API




Sample Parameters: api_key: SGxidGJsa3lKcENKUEd0TmhFSnQ=  to: 233246102372 from: TXTGhana

sms: Hello, Welcome



Sample API Send SMS response 

(Note that you have to check the total balance against the campaign blast count)




4.0 Support and Contacts

        AUTHOR NAME: TXTGhana Limited,

        AUTHOR PHONE: 233 302-797680,

        SUPPORT PHONE: 233204038261,

        SUPPORT EMAIL: mikeberg.afu@txtghana.com,

        AUTHOR URL: https:\\txtghana.com,

        LAST UPDATED: 2020-April-20th 22:37 GMT


TXTGhana Limited - copyright@2020 All rights reserved

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