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Transform your traditional ads into an interactive digital experience

Create digital extensions for your traditional ad formats - print, radio ,TV - using USSD strings Sustain customer loyalty and repeat business by delivering the right message on time always.

How It Works

Sign up and get assigned a USSD e.g. *380*245# for your campaign

Build your USSD application menu by selecting the feature options relevant to your campaign

Add your allotted USSD string to your advertisement design

Watch customers interact with your brand via our award-winning dashboard

Use Cases

More product information
Customers can immediately access more detailed information about advertised products through links supplied from the USSD menu. Prospective customers become more informed to make a purchase decision.
Company contact details
Customers can dial the accompanying USSD code to receive all brand contacts via SMS for saving and future communication.
Chat initiation
Customers can dial the relevant ad’s USSD code to initiate an Instant Messenger (IM) communication with the business. Supported IMs can include WhatsApp business, Facebook Messenger, WeChat or Telegram.
Call back request
Readers can request call back to enable conversations with customer support or sales at no expense.
Company location
Company locations (GPS or Ghana Post codes) can be delivered to prospective customers upon request via USSD


Appointment booking

Event pre-registration

Item reservation or purchase

Digital coupon delivery


Instant engagement

Ad Tags streamlines the number of steps involved for a customer to move from an advert to direct, useful engagement with the brand.

Lead generation

Using USSD strings enables customers to immediately engage in a mobile- based interaction with your brand resulting in the efficient aggregation of qualified leads.

Database generation

All interactions generate data for the brand (customer mobile numbers) which can be relied upon for future re-targeting and campaign promotions.

Metrics and insights

Detailed analytics reports provide a clear overview of your campaign performance and effectiveness.