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Mass Text Messaging service for Customized Campaigns

Push event invites with mass SMS & MMS promotions, fundraising, and more. Best service rates and all widely known CRM integrations. Sustain customer loyalty and repeat business by delivering the right message on time always.

What is Mass Text Messaging

A mass text message is one which an agency or company sends to a wide number of contacts/constituents at once. Mass text messaging helps you to send a single custom text message to whole groups of people, large or small. Scheduling an instant mass text can save you the time and energy it would take to go through your full contacts list and send individual messages. There are a lot of ways you can use mass messaging, depending on your objectives. Sending event invitations, for example, to receive RSVPs and event updates, GOTV emails, requests for donations, sale alerts, and promotional codes. These are just a few of the ways that organizations use mass texts to connect with the public.


There are several ways that companies of all sizes use mass messaging.

Gain the audience

Start a dialog with your audience, or ask them to act.

Have your message read

Text messages are opened

Secure Significant Services

Save time with mass text to get your message out to supporters, and save money too, charging just as you go.

How It Works

Add contacts

Post your contact list into the spreadsheet. You can also connect to import contacts through your CRM.

Set up campaign

Build your messaging campaign for Mass Text.Then pick the contact list to which you wish to send your message.

Preliminary Email

Construct your text message, customize it with custom fields (fusion tags), such as {first name}.

Set a schedule

Set the time that you want your message sent, ideally when you think that your audience will be most inclined to take action on it.

Building a contact list

If you do not already have a list

To make opting in as easy on your customers as possible, companies often procure a short code or a standard number, along with a keyword, from a text messaging provider. When people text the keyword to the short code, they’re added to your contact list. And when enough people do, you can quickly start to realize a sizable return on your investment in mass texting.

Who uses mass text messaging

Mass text messaging is used by companies and individuals in almost every field to quickly and effectively communicate with their customers.

How to use mass text messaging

Get volunteers for a social or civic campaign by informing your users of the opportunity to contribute and network.

With a link to your donation page, raise funds for a charity or special cause by sending a mass text to supporters.

Advertise a promotion by submitting a text for your sale with a start and end date, and state what items are being discounted.

Boost sales by giving subscribers a discount coupon code.

Ask people to respond to your text message to start a conversation.

Boost the attendance of events by sending event updates and gathering RSVPs through mass text.

Get people to vote in a contest.

What makes a great mass text message

The message is short and conversational. Imagine the way you would talk to a friend when crafting your message.

Have a simple call to action (CTA) that makes it easy for your users to do what you both want them to do.

Schedule it for the right time

A text at 3 AM is not likely to be well received. Use the CallHub analysis or analytics software to help you determine the best times to send your messages.

Make your messages relevant

When crafting your message, be sure to focus on its relevance to your users. If they don’t feel compelled to act on your message because they don’t feel like it applies to them or don’t feel motivated by it, they aren’t likely to act in the way you want them to.

Send a personalized mass text..

Text messages are a highly efficient form of communication even when generically crafted for a mass audience. But you can drastically increase engagement rates with customisation of your messages based on individual user preferences and experiences. CallHub makes it easy for you to customise your messages based on factors like the desires of your contacts, their political affiliation, their volunteer experience, their purchasing history, and much more. To configure your mass text messages with your database/CRM contact data, use the merge tags.

Why use

In under 3 minutes, you can have a campaign producing tangible results! You can start sending texts with just a browser. You can check on your campaign with some free credits, without investing a cent.

Integrate with your CRM

integrates with many popular CRMs

Intelligent help

Setting up your first text messaging campaign is something most people will have little difficulty doing, and our detailed documentation and guides will walk you through every step. But if you need assistance, our customer service engineers are always happy to assist you.

Easy to navigate

Withover 15,000 agencies and individuals, from age 18 to 80, using CallHub to send text messages and to make calls, we’re sure you’ll find the process simple and straightforward.

Common Questions

How do I sign up new subscribers that I can send mass texts to?

The best way is to rent a keyword. Then post the keyword (e.g. JOIN), and ask your prospective subscribers to subscribe to a 5-digit shortcode (Text JOIN to 33339) or 10-digit number (Text JOIN to 717 568 3833).

What does it cost to send a mass text?

Pricing with CallHub is pay-as-you-go. You only pay for the messages that you send. There are no monthly charges.

Is mass texting legal?

Absolutely! Keep in mind that to remain on the right side of the law your subscribers must have willingly opted in to receive your texts. Unwanted community texts will incur big fines. That’s why it’s essential to have a legally compliant opt-in for your new subscribers and the opportunity to opt-out once they are subscribed. This pertains only to mass texting. You do not need permission to send a one-on-one, peer-to-peer, individual text message.

How many Mass SMS can be sent?

Everything depends on the amount of text messages you send. You can send 3600 text messages per hour, with a standard 10-digit number. A quick SMS code lets you send 360,000 texts per hour.

Why use tools for Mass Text Messaging?

Depending on the size of your list, sending individual texts would range from laborious to virtually impossible. And when you consider how inexpensive and easy-to-use thatmass texting is, your time could be much better spent on something other than sending individual text messages.