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Get your Message Heard

Reach large number of people in a short time. Using it for promotions and alerts. Sustain customer loyalty and repeat business by delivering the right message on time always.

How does it work

A Voice broadcasting program dials the phone numbers on a contact list and plays your message when an individual answers. If an answering machine picks the call, you may opt to send another message later.

Grow your venture

Make use of voice broadcast to drive new business. Upload and call a list of contacts to provide a simple Press-1 option. The contacts are linked directly to your client. Plan campaigns for your contacts at the best times, personalize the number of calls you make per second, and much more.


Robo Dialer

Make vast numbers of calls simultaneously without having to wait for free phone lines and completed calls. CallHub robo dialer allows you to make as many callsas you want, with no waiting.

Text to Speech

Type in your message, and we will read it for you. You can use our voice engine text, record your own audio, or upload audio files you already have. Listen to the message before you send it to make sure it's everything you want it to be.

Project Press-1

Relay the message to people, and let them press-1 to forward calls to an agent, or ask the caller to leave a message. Assign up to 10 digits as the transfer options between 0-9. Check the moving audio files and transcripts immediately. You should send emails with all of the information for every move. Evaluate the conversion rate with daily reports for the Press-1 campaign.

Political Calling Campaigns

Easiest way to meet voters. Schedule campaign calls to deliver your audio messages to your constituents. A quick phone call at the right moment often has a greater impact than any other means. With phone calls, you can even reach those voters who lack internet connectivity.

Detailed Reports and Call Analytics

Get real-time updates and insights for any voice broadcast campaign. Tips on how to best express your voice help you prepare effectively. Receive an overview of the campaign in real time, a comprehensive call snapshot, and regular summaries of the results.

Robo Dialer

Standard telephone dialers tie uptelephone lines and force you to wait until the calls are over. With CallHub’s robo dialer, you can make as many simultaneous calls as you want, without having to wait.

In-depth Daily Report

Optimize your voice broadcasting campaigns by analyzing your daily output, transfers, and costs.

Multiple Transfer

Offer your customer up to 10 configurable options after listening. These actions include transfer of the call, playing a message, saving a message, and disconnecting the call.

Voice Text

Don’t think your voice sounds great in recordings? Not a problem! Simply submit your text, and we will translate your script into a voice that sounds as great as you want it to.

Customizable User ID

Adjust the outgoing caller ID number that is displayed to your contacts. Enable contactsto return calls if they miss them.

Transcription of Voicemail

Not only can your contacts call you back; they can leave you a voicemail. All yourvoicemails are automaticallytranscribed and sent to you for your convenience.

What are we?

txtconnect is the only service that can be used for voice and SMS radio transmission inmore than 200 countries with tier 1.

Text to Speech

Type in your message, and we will read it for you. You can use our voice engine text, record your own audio, or upload audio files you already have. Listen to the message before you send it to make sure it’s everything you want it to be.

Speech engine efficient text

Start a dialog with your audience, or ask them to act.

Audio recording with a call

Receive a call, and record your message.

Mp3 and wav format files are supported.

Save time with mass text to get your message out to supporters, and save money too, charging just as you go.

Press-1 Campaign

Free audio and transcription with the press-1 initiative. Find out how to effectively increase leads in the press-1 campaign.

Get immediate answers to your call campaigns

Send your message to people and encourage them to press 1 or any number from 0 to 9, forward calls to an agent, or leave a message with the caller. Instantly review the transmission's audio recordings and transcripts. For each press-1 transfer, emails with all details can be sent. Analyze your press-1 campaign's conversion rates with daily reports.

Transcripts and instant recordings

As soon as the call is over, you will have a recording and transcript of it. To ensure integrity of the information and that you act accordingly on it, double check the transcript to the audio when necessary.

Press-1 Campaign speed up or slow down

You don't want your leads waiting on the line to speak to an agent. You can adjust the speed of your campaign based on your resources by controlling the number of simultaneous calls for each campaign in your press-1. This can be modified while the campaign is ongoing.

Email for every press-1 application

The contact information, audio recording, and full text transcript of the recording isincluded in the email sent for every transfer to Press-1.


Configure up to 10 numbers for your contact transfers. With more than the single 1 option, you're no longer restricted. Use multiple numbers for polling transfers, RSVPs to events, getting feedback, and more.

Political Calling

Simplest and typically the most effective way toappeal to your voters. Use pre-recorded audio messages to set up automated calls to voters. Straightforward calls still tend to get better responses than any other tool.

Import voting records automatically

Use App Integrations to import voter files directly into CallHub. CallHub incorporates NationBuilder, NGP VAN, Blue State Digital, and others into common CRMs so you can import voting files seamlessly into CallHub to create your political campaigns.

Reports and analytics on political calling

From the campaign dashboard, you have access to live reports and analytics. See in real time how your campaign is working, how many voters received your calls, how they replied, and which days of the week produced results better than others.

No uploading or installing apps. All you need is a web browser.

Campaigns on Press-1

Share your message with people, and get them to press 1 to send calls, or ask a caller to leave a message for a living representative. Custom polls are generated and input gathered as conversion options for up to 10 digits from 0-9.

Distinction of local presence

Build a local presence and increase participation with your voice campaigns by as much as 20 percent by automatically changing your Caller ID to match your contact’s location

Manage Do Not Call

Quickly and easily add numbers to your Do Not Call list. Contacts added to the DNC list will not be called again.

Computer Detection Response

Detect answering machines intelligently and play a designated audio message or schedule a call back at a later time.

Intelligent Scheduler

To optimize your campaign, Smart Scheduler analyzes your contact list for the best times to call.

Pay as you go

Only pay for what you use. No monthly subscriptions.