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Customer Service with txt connect



Utilize the communications that best suit the needs of your customers at every stage of their journey.

Learn how txt connect is being used by customer experience executives to:

Authenticate users without the hassle

Authenticate user identities

Safeguard customer data, and combat fraud. Onboard new customers and automatically reject fraudsters by checking registration data against phone number data, such as line type, location, and caller name.

Data and properties safe for customers

Offer versatile authentication options for users without compromising on safety. Let users authenticate their log-in by authenticating a two-factor, TOTP, or push notification.

Use AI to modify tasks

Use chatbots to answer customers’ frequently-asked questions

Enable chatbots to complete high demand processes, such as booking flights, qualifying sales leads, and scheduling appointments. Be there for your customer round the clock using chatbots.

Build customised IVR interface

Generate rule-based call routing to make sure high-profile customers instantly reach specific support staff. Use NLU commands to direct users to the relevant department or customer service representative.

Never miss a lead with autoresponder

Send replies to customer queries using SMS, voice, chat, WhatsApp, and more, even when those queries come in after business hours.Replies might entail links or resources related to their inquiry and estimated response times.

Apply meaning to interactions with customers.

Support customers with SMS

Individual SMS allows customers to confidently share sensitive information about their requests or issues. With SMS, customers open, read, and respond more quickly to your responses.

Save chats in your domain

Add new contact paths into the app, website, or network that your clients trust. text connect lets you integrate your app with talk, screen sharing, SMS, and call support.

Serve customers at all stages of their journey

Use codes to centralize your customers’ orders, conversations, and contact details with txtconnect's contact center app. Provide help based on your customer’s past experiences with and expectations of your company.

Improve the effectiveness of the call center and its agent.

Assess conduct and performance of agents

Utilize dashboards to give your agents visibility in their results. Enable supervisors to maintain standards of conduct and track the performance of agents as well as provide guidance remotely to them.

Track loyalty to your call center

Interactions with customers span a wide range of networks. txt connect allows you to track calls and text fidelity. Enable txt connect data to build dashboards so you can monitor delivery levels of messages, latency data, and more.

Efficient customer service with txt connect

Efficient customer service with txt connect

Secure your customers’ information with a collection of intuitive APIs designed to improve security and counter fraud.

IVR: Interactive Voice Response

Build a flexible IVR framework to reduce running costs and improve customer service.

Contact Center

txt connect has a contact center application to fit any and all of your company’s needs.