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Marketing with txt connect

Make more money from your marketing


Drive action at any stage of the marketing funnel from awareness, to conversion, to customer retention.

See what our customers use txtconnect for:

Give a bit of personality to your correspondence

Reach your clients globally on the platforms they prefer

txtconnect is merged with virtually every platform — including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, text, email and more — so that you can meet your customers where they already are.

Appreciate your customers’ journey

Monitor your customers’ interactions across all platforms by integrating your customer relationship management with txt connect, and learn their unique needs, habits, and preferences.

Make your acquisition campaigns more effective

Grow your audience

Publicize your business with numbers — phone numbers, short codes, and even special numbers that suit your business. Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns by tracking interaction data and opt-in rates from your txt connect console.

Get insights from all your ad campaigns

By aligning phone calls with performance-based ads, you’ll always be able to measure how well or poorly a campaign is working.

Automatically create extraordinary routines

Engage your customers with your campaigns

With txt connect, it's easy to build email campaigns, whatever your technical ability.. Use visual tools, HTML, or a mix of both to design emails that resonate with your customers. And with insightful segmentation, you can target your specific audience and track your campaigns’ success with measurable analytics.

Get leads while you sleep

Automate your lead-generation by using AI-powered chatbots to gather customer information and qualify sales leads.

Immediately deliver lead alerts to sales representatives

Once a lead has been identified, the chatbot can immediately notify the appropriate salesperson with all the pertinent information so they can follow up while the lead is still hot.

Commit to being part of your customer’s lifecycle

Use data-driven communication to grow brand loyalty

With marketing campaigns tailored to the likes and needs of your customers, turn those customers into fans that are sure to buy again and promote you to others.

Increase response rates to customer surveys

We all know how difficult it can be getting customers to respond to your email and website surveys, but Voice and SMS surveys meet them where they’re most comfortable and most likely to engage — their phones.

txtconnect grows customer bases

Text Marketing

Start the conversation with text marketing

Tracking Calls

Rate calls correctly, monitor promotions, and maximize customer service in your apps.

SMS Surveys

Satisfaction is our priority.