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Operations with txt connect



Improve operating performance through the use of new platforms to organize staff and serve clients faster.

See what our customers use txtconnect for:

Help resolve your labour force

Send bulk notifications

Provide work updates to individual workers who have the requisite skills. txt connect connects with the field service management system, enabling you to contact individual employees, divisions, and specialists on a programmatic basis.

Broadcast information faster

Manage your two-way communication with employees and easily send alerts and information to address customer requests or employee assignments.

Deliver important messages to clients

Advise users of changes in their account

Inform consumers of unusual account behavior, such as low-balance warnings, password resets, and bill reminders. Change the notification channel and warning frequency to your clients’ preferences.

Prompt your CRM reminders

Use channels like SMS, email, voice, and WhatsApp to reduce no-shows by providing call-in reminders. Inform waiting list clients of availability of appointments.

Let customers keep track of deliveries

Send customers alerts about their package deliveries and food orders.

Manage contacts between workers and customers in the field.

Build safe interactions

Let employees connect with customers using their own phones, without disclosing personal phone numbers from either side. Masked phone numbers secure confidential data while facilitating smooth communication.

Track follow-up conversations

txt connect is synchronized with your CRM, enabling you to monitor conversations and ensure that your terms and conditions are met by both parties on your network.

Engage with your clients and with your employees in new ways

Shipping Updates

Send text messages for mobile staff to be dispatched from any field service management network.

Alerts to Pay

Provide your clients with friendly reminders about pending payments they need to make.

Schedule Update

Significantly decrease no-shows by submitting CRM confirmation messages and booking systems.

Keep Communications Anonymous

Keep the numbers of buyers and sellers confidential.